Thursday, July 9, 2009

Hubba Hubba

Our "President" Barack (i ain't lookin') Obama andFrance's President Nicolas Sarkozy share a well deserved chuckle as they check out a passing booty. Nice to know that in a day when the economy is in shambles, North Korea is rattling sabers, Iran is willing the obliteration of Israel, Russia is saying the US doesn't have a right to defend themselves (missile defense), and jello hasn't yet been named the national fruit... that the leader of the earth's last remaining superpower can still share a "booty glance" with the leader of the world's wussiest liberal nation.

I know that I feel all warm and fuzzy knowing that despite his approval rating free-fall, and multiple contradictory statements over the last few weeks, our "president" is still a focused virile young man (just gotta wonder what his focus is on). Maybe he was admiring her shoes?