Friday, January 2, 2009

Happy Birthday Cuba!

50 Years since our dear brother Fidel Castro became the Communist Dictator Thug (leader) of Red Cuba. Whoo Hoo! Hows that Communism working out for you all?

Perhaps it might be best understood by the number of your natives willing to drown in shark infested waters as they desperately try to reach the shores of "evil" America.

Will Raul do a better job that big brother Fidel? He gave the Happy Birthday speech a few days ago and spun such wonderful "obamaesque" fluff as the following: "Let's not kid ourselves by believing that from here on, it's all going to be easy. Maybe from here on, it's going to be more difficult,"...

Dude... how profound is that?

Have a wonderful paranoid birthday Cuba:)

1 comment:

mjoseph said...

What are they risking sharks to flee from? Or, is it to?
Re: the quote... I bet its not going to get a whole lot better.