Sunday, March 15, 2009

Adopt a Pet Program - Nasty Dog Edition

A dog named SNERTLY...

Looking for a sweet cuddly pup to snuggle with and call your own? We have just the cute little snookums for you!

This lil critter is free for the taking to a good home. Unsure of the gender (sorta scared to look), unsure of the age, & really unsure of the breed. We have papers, not the AKC purebred kind but the kind used to quiet and guide the varmit.

He uuuuhhhhh.... she??? is slightly imbalanced, and usually walks sideways, it bumps into most inanimate objects, and has a cute meek little bark. Said bark sorta sounds like; merf marf murf buh buh buh buh wang whhuf.

This dog? has had more shots than most as we're not sure what sorta mange it has, or what mental issues cause this blank stare. We'll include a small pair of mirrored sunglasses so you can't see it's eyes when it's staring at you blankly, pretty much creeps me out!

As we don't know the gender, we also don't know whether or not the fiend has been fixed, so we'll throw in a gift certificate for free fixin from the local vet / taxidermist. Contact me if yer interested!


Beantz' Blogspot said...

X( Sick!!

Jamimania said...

EWWW!!!!! and it's genderless? EWWW EWWW!! :S Honey, you have a knack for finding desperate pet orphans. I am so proud of you that you are taking such a stand for these precious, defenseless little darlings. Keep up the good work! ;)

Heather said...

Son, When on earth do you have time to scrounge up these hapless little critters. I saw a ran over Civit cat that looked better than that dog. Sorry, just my opinion.